Design as Politics Lecture Series 2019
Roman Kirschner

“Entangled Environments and Some Questions on Methods”

Seminarraum, Postgasse
June 5 2019, 10:00–12:00

Image: Roman Kirschner, Roots (2018)

Roman Kirschner is an artist, researcher, writer, teacher and sometimes curator working across disciplines. His current research interests are social metabolisms and ecologies, transformative materials, spatial strategies, research methods and the mutual influence of material, imagination and epistemology. After studies of philosophy, art history and audiovisual art he wrote a PhD on “The Paradigm of Material Activity in the Plastic Arts“ at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (GER). He was the project leader of the arts-based research project ”Liquid Things“ at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT). Currently, he is an associated lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts (CH). His works were shown in exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North and South America.