Open seminar session with Magdalena Reiter

“Make Design Open”

Seminarraum, Postgassee
June 13 2019, 10:00–12:30

Dr. Martina Grünewald

This event is part of the seminar Material Culture II „Designing Value(s) 2“

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Open commons, open design, open innovation: What does this openness actually mean? What does it do, how can it be achieved and applied? What are the first steps? Who can help? Magdalena Reiter, one of the premier open design experts and educators in Austria, joins us in an open seminar session to discuss these burning questions and to introduce key concepts around open design, bringing with her numerous current examples including her own projects in open work and creative collaboration. Seminar attendance is open and free to everyone who wishes to explore this cutting-edge topic.

image © Magdalena Reiter